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CyHi The Prynce – 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

CyHi The Prynce drops by Shade 45 and takes on the 5 Fingers of Death and spazzes on every beat on Sway In The Morning. Read more


Ray Liotta Speaks on Relationship with J.Lo, “Shades of Blue,” and Explains Oscar Mishap

The great, Ray Liotta stops by Sway in the Morning for the second time, and opens up about the second season of Shades of Blue. After rolling out a detailed story of the first season, Liotta also talks about both his on-camera and real-life relationships with Jennifer Lopez.

Sway and Liotta bond while sharing stories together about their daughters, when Sway mentions his daughter hasn’t seen The Goodfellas movie — something this actor can’t get over.

Watch below for all this and more. Catch Shades of Blue on Sundays at 10p ET on NBC. Read more

Phresher Performs Live + Breaks Down the Independent Game

Energy was on 10 when Phresher joined Sway and the crew on Shade45. Before hopping into their In-Studio Concert Series, this young MC opened up about the independent game and broke down how it’s done. From recouping his money to hiring homies and the positive perspective and attitude that’s mandatory to make it in the game — he covers it all.

While in-studio, Phresher dropped quality gems and humbly recites other rappers’ renditions of his ‘Wait a Minute’ smash – from Cardi B, Cassidy and Royce Da 5’9. Read more

Keyshia Cole Speaks on Recently Meeting her Famous Father, State of R&B & Craziest DMs in Inbox


Oakland is in building! Keyshia Cole dropped by Sway in the Morning and gave some incredible insight into her life. Starting off with a bang, Cole reveals the crazy story behind learning who her Father is. 34 years later, she took a paternity test that confirmed boxing trainer for Andre Ward, Virgil Hunter is in fact her biological dad. Thrilled to finally meet her Father, she details the moment they finally met, and how their relationship is looking now.

Speaking about relationships, Keyshia dives deep and leads us into her recent heartbreak and opens up about single-life, her 6-year old son and how a “regular” guy should approach her. With courage floating around the studio, our very own DB and OQ shoot their shot — quickly & hilariously getting shot down by Ms. Cole.

Elaborating on monogamy, she touches on the time she cheated and why she’d never do it again, and what she’s looking for in a man.

Circling back around on her music, Keyshia Cole touches on the current state of R&B, her new album, 1111 Reset, and what you can expect from it.

Watch below and learn what the craziest DM she’s ever gotten and how she handled it. Read more

NFL Champion James White on His Super Bowl LI Winning TD


New England Patriots RB James White Dropped By Shade 45 and Speaks on His Winning TD in Super Bowl LI on Sway In The Morning. Read more

Laverne Cox Breaks Down Transgender Mystery + GRAMMYs and Metallica Backlash


Actress, producer and LGBTQ advocate, Laverne Cox joined us on Sway in the Morning for a fun, light hearted & informative conversation.

Starting the conversation by acknowledging the elephant in the room, Sway brings up the moment these two awkwardly met for the first time – which Ms. Cox hilariously had no recollection of.

While in-studio Laverne breaks down her GRAMMYs introduction speech and goes into detail regarding the Metallica backlash she faced after accidentally forgetting to mention their name in their live performance with Lady Gaga.

Digging deeper, they asked some very frequently asked questions, like, what’s the difference between Transgender and Transexual? Or, the difference between Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Watch below for more, plus enjoy the exclusive story from Laverne about almost being in Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’ video. Read more

Big Sean Judges Rising Rapper Oswin Benjamin Live On-Air


We’ve seen Big Sean’s rise since the beginning when Kanye West introduced him to the world years ago – it’s nice to see his growth and catch up since our last interview.

Sean just dropped his new album, I Decided, so Sway decided to do a live lyrical breakdown of his music. Little did we know, Big Sean was going through thoughts on suicide while recording his album – but we were relieved to hear how his album helped him through it.

While in-studio he opened up about why he keeps his parents so close, meditating and new school curriculum he’s working on with his mother. He also participated in an unorthodox experience – since ‘Ye gave him his first shot after eagerly rapping for him at a radio station in Detroit, they welcomed rising rapper, Oswin Benjamin to do the same.

Watch below and let us know what you think? Does Oswin Benjamin have bars? Read more

Fat Joe Remembers How Big Pun Blew His Mind When They First Met + Raps Favorite Verse


CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, beast MC, international superstar and leader in the hip-hop world, Fat Joe, joins Sway in the Morning for an interview.

Coincidentally, the day of the interview also marked the 17th year since Big Pun’s death – and Joe had a lot to say about it. As we celebrate his life, Joe recalls the exciting first day he met Pun in a bodega in New York, and the last moments spent with Pun before he passed.

In fact, he goes on to talk about Pun’s genius ways – and how he would fall asleep in the studio, then wake-up and write a hit in just a few minutes.

While in-studio, Fat Joe mentioned his good friends, DJ Premier and Noreaga — so they lined up a couple surprise phone calls from those Hip-Hop heavy hitters. During their call-ins on Sway in the Morning, they also share the stories behind first meeting Pun. The common denominator in all of these stories? Pun was an undeniable Hip-Hop genius.

It seems as though a heavy load of our culture is passing on the GRAMMYs this year – but Fat Joe isn’t one of them. In fact, him and Remy Ma are both nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for their hit, ‘All the Way Up,’ and Joe wants to be present when he wins. (*crosses fingers*) And speaking of Remy, Joe shares the recent moment when his heart-dropped when hearing she was putting up $20k to battle rap amateurs — what if she lost? She would be the laughing stock of the hip-hop world! Fortunately, Remy didn’t allow that to happen, and still won that battle.

Watch below for more on their recent interview with Fat Joe, his relationship with Jay Z and Roc Nation, collaborating with Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers, and his upcoming February 17 album, Plata o Plomo.

You know he dropped a few bars too! Read more

T.I. Speaks on Responding To Lil Wayne Publicly + When Trap Music Goes Too Far

T.I. has made it clear since late 2016 that it’s US or Else. Politically charged after last year’s Presidential announcement of Donald Trump as our new leader, along with recent Black Lives Matter injustices, Tip released a project to inspire and motivate us all, entitled “Us Or Else: Letter To The System” — and he joined Sway in the Morning to talk all about it.

While in-studio, T.I talks about getting passed an old criminal mindset, along with making more than trap music and using his negative experiences to teach the youth today — he even dropped money-spending gems to inspire us all.

Last year, during the Black Lives Matter movement, Lil Wayne stirred up some controversy after his “my life matters” rant on an episode of Nightline, seeming to go against everything protesters were fighting for — and T.I. didn’t hold his tongue to check him. During his in-studio interview with us, he explained why he responded so publicly to Weezy. Read more

Kehlani Breaks Down Depression, Homelessness & New Album “SweetSexySavage”


Oakland is in the house! Sway In The Morning welcomed Bay-area native, singer-songwriter, Kehlani to the show to talk about her new album, SweetSexySavage, and the journey to this exact moment.

It’s no secret that Kehlani was homeless just a few short years ago, but she always made the best of her situations, no matter how dark her life was. From battling depression, to being figuratively “reborn” last year, she breaks it all down and how she pulled herself up from it.

While in-studio, she breaks down some tracks off her new project – Sway specifically was attracted to ‘Crazy,’ where she tips her hat to Sway himself,

“I’m crazy, I’m crazy, better watch what you say to me
‘Cause Young Sway got the answers
Give ’em hell, give ’em pressure”

Watch below as she talks about past relationships, love vs. lust, and washing her underwear in the sink. Read more

Migos FREESTYLE Live on Sway in the Morning


The Migos have already had a fire 2017, from the organic success of ‘Bad and Boujee’ to the shout out from Donald Glover at the coveted Golden Globes – which landed them the #1 Billboard Hot 100 spot with a 240% spike in sales – to sold out shows around the Nation.

These 3 amigos are currently promoting their forthcoming sophomore album, Culture, due January 27, and stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about it. From their original style of catchy rap, to traveling to new parts of the globe, to their true definition of Culture, Sway covered it all.

While in-studio, Sway invited Quavo, Takeoff and Offset to sprinkle their freestyle bars over some beats — and that’s exactly what they did, with a bonus of having the legendary Laurence Fishburne walk in our studio during the action. Read more

Trina Talks Relationships, New Album, Lil Wayne & Trick Daddy on Sway in the Morning


Joining Sway and the crew on Sway in the Morning as part of her New York promo tour, is the baddest b*tch, Trina! While in-studio she opened up about her past relationships and gave great insight on why she’s so focused on her career, rather than entertaining a man.

While in-studio, she also spoke about her upcoming untitled album – which features friends of Sway in the Morning, Tory Lanez, Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne. Read more

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