Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Lunchbagg (Episode 27)

The homie Lunchbagg joins us for the 27th Episode of #RudeTalk. He speaks on his new project The Holy & The Hostile, how it came about, his inspirations, future projects and much more. Listen below & Subscribe on iTunes & Google Play now. Previously: Lunchbagg - Best Friend (Video) | Episode 26

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Cam Bells (Episode 26)

After a 4 month hiatus, Cam Bells joined us for the return of #RudeTalkPodcast. Cam Drops By and talks about his forthcoming project Young King, Old Soul what he's been up to since his last project a couple years ago, becoming a DJ, the current state of Hip Hop in RI and he also blesses … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Cam Bells (Episode 26)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Jon Hope (Episode 25)

Jon Hope Drops By #RudeTalkPodcast For Episode 25 And Talks About Everything From His Startup, His Recent Move To NY, His Book, College Tour, The State of Hip Hop in RI, His Old & New Projects And Much More. Listen below & Subscribe on iTunes & Google Play now. Previously: Episode 24 | Jon Hope - The Left Hand

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast (Episode 24)

RudeTalk Is Back For Episode 24. We Talk About The Latest Police Shooting Death of Terrence Crutcher. We Also Talk About The Game & Meek Mill Beef, Lauren London Giving Birth, The latest episode of Power, Emily B's promise ring, Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's Cheating Rumors, Khloe & Tristan Thompson, How Sha's Been Living, My … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast (Episode 24)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Rachelle (Episode 23)

My Cousin Rachelle Dropped By For Our Latest Rude Talk Podcast Episode. Rachelle Who Works At The RI Blood Center Spoke On The Importance of Donating Blood & We Also Touched on My Search For A Bone Marrow Donor and How People Can Save A Life By Donating Not Only Blood But Bone Marrow & … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Rachelle (Episode 23)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ #TheNoteCast (Episode 22)

This Week We Had My Young Boys From The Daily Note's #TheNoteCast Drop By For An Interview. We Speak on How They Got Started With Their Site, The Podcast & Much More. They Also Tell Us What We Can Expect From Them In The Upcoming Future And Much More. Stream Below & Subscribe on iTunes … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ #TheNoteCast (Episode 22)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast (Episode 21)

No guest on the latest episode, Just me, Sha & Pay talkin' bout a bunch of stuff from marriages, Joe Budden & Cyn's new relationship, Sha's "cheap date" incident and much more. Listen below. Stream below & Subscribe Now on iTunes & Google Play. Previously: Episode 20

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Nino Green (Episode 20)

On This Week's Episode of Rude Talk, We Had Rapper/Producer Nino Green Stop By To Talk About His Latest Projects, Doro & Witchcraft w/ Yami Ceaser. The Humble & Soft Spoken Nino Talks About Him Evolving As An Artist Why It Took So Long To Release His Latest Project, Who He's Been Working with, Hobbies … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Nino Green (Episode 20)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Kid Mello (Episode 19)

Kid Mello Came Thru For Our Latest Podcast Episode of #RudeTalk. He Speaks on Who He's Working With, What He Has In The Works, and Also The Meaning of his Pound Nation Brand. Mello Also Speaks on Where He Thinks He Stands Locally & How He Thinks He Can Better Brand Himself, Making Better Music, Promoting … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Kid Mello (Episode 19)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ BNF Podcast (Episode 18)

The Guys From BNF Podcast out in Boston came thru to Prov this week for our latest #RudeTalkPodcast episode. This one was def one for the books with BNF's Woody & Benz aka Easy aka The Filth God talking bout everything from how they got started, how long they been doing their podcast, what else … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ BNF Podcast (Episode 18)

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ J Duce (Episode 17)

J Duce drops by the studio for our latest episode of #RudeTalk. While there he talks how he started rapping, his upbringing, his legal issues,  where he thinks he stands amongst local rappers and much more. Listen below & Subscribe now on iTunes & Google Play! Previously: Episode 16

Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Young Lito (Episode 16)

Young Lito joined us for the latest episode of #RudeTalk. While there we talk about his latest record 'ENUFF' addressing the #BlackLivesMatter movement, his personal run-ins with the police and police brutality as a whole. Lito also talks about his background, how he started rapping, his upcoming music, mixtapes and more. Pay then grills Lito about … Continue reading Podcast: #RudeTalkPodcast w/ Young Lito (Episode 16)