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A Sneak Peek At What’s To Come w/ The Universal Hip Hop Museum

For the first time ever, Hip Hop history will be showcased with an official museum.

Rocky Bucano, and Nana Ashhurt passed through Ebro in the Morning to discuss the updates on the museum, and update on Kurtis Blow, its opening in 2023, and more! Continue reading “A Sneak Peek At What’s To Come w/ The Universal Hip Hop Museum”

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Nipsey Hussle Shares His Connection to Los Angeles Hip-Hop


Nipsey Hussle opens up about how Los Angeles influenced his music and creativity. Watch the rapper discuss how Crenshaw, Compton, Long Beach and more neighborhoods contribute to hip-hop.
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Mix: DJ ELS – Hip-Hop Mix June 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.32.35 PM

Els returns with his latest Hip-Hop mix. Listen to it below.

Previously: Mix: DJ ELS – Hip-Hop Mix January 2015

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Video: Jay-Z On The Cultural Impact of Hip-Hop

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Oprah’s Master Class series has a special guest that we’ll all familiar with, the living legend that is Hov. Not only that, but he made a bold statement for his segment, saying that Hip-Hop has done more for racial relations in this country than cultural icons, except for Martin Luther King Jr. The reason he says that is because it impacted more than just those in urban areas, but all over the world.

“With conversations we realize that we’re more alike than we’re separate”

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Dr. Dre Tops Forbes 2014 Hip-Hop Cash Kings List


Dr. Dre is back on top of the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List for 2014. After Apple purchased Beats earlier this year his earnings are at $620 Million, which is more than anyone else on the list combined. Hov & Diddy come in 2nd place tied at $60 Million, while Drake is 3rd with $33 Million and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis round out the top 5 with $32 Million. Check out the rest of the list below. Continue reading “Dr. Dre Tops Forbes 2014 Hip-Hop Cash Kings List”


Video: The State of Hip-Hop 2014 – The Truth w/ Elliott Wilson

Elliott Wilson is joined by Jas Fly, Hovain, Karen Civil, Kazeem Famuyide & Nigel D to discuss the current state of hip hop. What are your favorite albums and songs of the year so far? What will be the summer anthem? What artists and projects are not yet getting the attention they deserve? Find out on #TheTruth LIVE.


Guest Blog: Hip Hop Wake-Up Call By: @JuicyAnnie

Hip Hop Wake-Up Call

By: Juicy Annie

As you all can see, social media outlets went on a frenzy all last night and will continue to do so as long as Hip Hop is around. Welcome to the music world. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to their choice of music and the way an artist chooses to deliver their art, just making that clear. There is a huge difference between people who actually appreciate good music or in this case, an artist’s lyricism and those who feed into the hype. Either way it continues to keep Hip Hop relevant.

Okay, SO, Big Sean dropped a track ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica named “Control”. Yeah, he definitely caught people’s attention with this one. According to many around me, these three MC’s have delivered some of the hardest verses of the year. Great look for Sean as he prepares to drop his upcoming album “Hall Of Fame”, K. Dot never ceases to amaze me, and Jay Electronica is just always popping out of no where with some dope content, but I love it, keeps us on our feet. Because of sample clearances, this track won’t appear on Sean’s album, whomp! But, we get to enjoy it anyway. The importance of this blog post is what was said on this track! Is Kendrick really the king of New York and two coasts?

Many and most listeners tend to listen to a track just to pick and choose what they want to talk about followed by their half ass opinions without really looking at what’s being said. Excuse my French. This is why Kendrick stole the show and had everyone talking about his verse and his verse only. K. Dot pointed out artist like J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, Tyler, and Mac Miller, but does this mean that he’s dissin’ them? Absolutely NOT! K. Dot tells them what time it is as well as “I got love for you all but I’m trynna murder you n****s..” This is just a metaphor for a wake up call. Some of these statements just go right over some of these so-called music critics’ heads out there. He is solely telling his fellow MC’s to start bringing work to the table and give us, the fans, what we want to hear. If it’s a battle, or an even better “RAW” track, that’s what we want to hear. Just like that, it set the tone for some inspiration. I bet every studio is booked now.

One more thing, Kendrick Lamar isn’t the king of New York, HOV is. LOL BYE!


Video: The Truth with Elliott Wilson: Hottest MC in the Game Right Now?

In today’s episode of The Truth, Elliott names his pick for Hottest MC in the Game Right Now. Do you agree?

Mannnn I just might agree. As much as y’all hate this guy Future is poppin b!

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The Truth with Elliott Wilson: Does NY Hip Hop Get Enough Support From Hot 97? [Video]

A war of words on both radio airwaves and the internet has broken out about the lack of support NYC hip hop artists receive from radio station Hot 97. Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson jumps into the debate and asks- do NYC hip hop artists have the support of local radio?


LOL –> “Hip Hop in Real Life” [Video]


Weekly Hip-Hop x R&B First Day Music Video Views 11.28.11

Each & every Monday we’ll be bringing you the Weekly Hip Hop & R&B Music Video Countdown based on First Day Views. The number of views a music video does in the first 24 hours is a great indicator of how much anticipation and buzz there is around that artist. The views are based only on YouTube figures. Presented by @ValerieLora, this is bonus footage from the Friday Hip Hop Report. Continue reading “Weekly Hip-Hop x R&B First Day Music Video Views 11.28.11”

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Hip Hop Loves Versace for H&M

Here’s an article I spotted over on Highsnobiety, that might be of some interest. Read the rest of the article after the jump. Continue reading “Hip Hop Loves Versace for H&M”