Can ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Produce Another Star Like Cardi B? | For The Record

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards went a couple nights ago and Cardi B took home two awards, including Best New Artist. The Bronx native is a unique success story, first finding fame on Instagram before appearing on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: New York’ and jumpstarting her rap career. On the latest episode of Genius’ ‘For The Record,’ Rob Markman sat down with Spotify Head of Urban Carl Chery, Power 105.1’s DJ Self, and ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ star and New York rapper DreamDoll to discuss Cardi’s biggest VMA moments and debate whether ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ can produce another star like her.

One thought on “Can ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Produce Another Star Like Cardi B? | For The Record

  1. – [ ] Cardi b is Atlantic’s payola princess and they are purposely trying to make nicki look bad in the public eye , Dj self is bitter because he missed the Atlantic check with Cardi and now wants to get on their good side, Cardio B Alzheimer’s doesn’t write nor have the intelligence to do so , Dj self tried to make an new nicki with mariah Lynn but she looks like a crack addict and can’t rap , so he got prosecuting ass dream smut and she’s actually always dreamt of being nicki that’s why here name is dreamdoll lmao they all working together . Lady Leshurr turned down a 360 & 250,000 to diss nicki , bhad bhoogies is their replacement for Cardi and they want to target the dumb youth , Atlantic records is writing so many checks to people these days to throw dirt on nicki , that they are starting to slip up from covering their asses and people are beginning to ask questions 🧐. All of this to take down the most successful BLACK FEMALE RAPPER they want to erase her and her achievements to replace her with latinas and whites who care nothing about our culture and happily discuss our African American men and women like trash in the public and private eye, I will NEVER let the man erase who this woman is and what doors she opened, I will NEVER be a fan of Anybody who purposely tries to take down a SUCCESSFUL black woman or make a mockery of my culture Cardi b is not my queen of rap just like Donald Trump is not my president PERIOD. Stream QUEEN on Tidal & Apple Music 👑


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