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Marlon Wayans on new ‘Naked’ film and Experience With Son Being In the Hospital

Comedian and actor, Marlon Wayans, stopped by Sway in the Morning to give all the details on his new film, Naked, which debuts this Friday and NBC show entitled Marlon which airs on August 16th.

When asked about the concept behind his willingness to be shown nude in his work, Marlon Wayans explains that he does not mind being nude, as it allows him to be completely free and authentic in his comedy. He states, “If I’m standing outside of myself, then I’m not in the moment, and I just want to be in the moment.”

While discussing his new show, Marlon, the comedic actor explains that this show is inspired by his own life experiences. For example, some of his work was inspired by his experience with his son being at the hospital for a month and a half due to a bone disease. Under unfortunate circumstances, Marlon Wayans discusses how he was still able to stay positive for his son. He shares with us that when they were in the hospital, he told his son, “This is God, slowing me up and slowing you up so that me and you can have this moment.”

Tune in to hear more about Marlon Wayans’ new show, his views on comedic censorship, and more.

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