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The-Dream & Lenny S on Not Being Credited on JAY-Z’s Album, Perks of Signing to a Label + New Show for Songwriters & Producers

The Multi-talented artist, The-Dream, and Roc Nations executive, Lenny S, stopped by Sway In The Morning and talked about staying relevant in today’s game to helping artists get into today’s music industry.

With the atmosphere of the room being a breath of fresh air, the interview kicks off with Sway and The-Dream, discussing The-Dream’s new single, ‘Summer Body’ featuring Fabolous. As the interview goes on The Dream discusses the importance of being a great song-writer. The-Dream compares being a songwriter to being a painter, and over time as the production changes, it’s almost like working on a different type of canvas.

The-Dream also credits many different producers that have helped him grow as an artist. While discussing producers that have helped him grow as an artist, The-Dream calls out Swizz Beatz and Timbaland to do a three round beat battle.

In the second clip of the interview The-Dream and Lenny S. talk about not being credited on features, the insight of being a signed artist, and the new show, Signed. The show, Signed, premiers on Wednesday, July 26h. “It’s a way to make more money, especially when you align yourself with people that can get you there faster,” said The-Dream as he discusses what being signed can offer.

You can watch below as The-Dream and Lenny S discuss the new show Signed and give insight on being a signed artist! You can also hear The Dream preview new music!

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