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Rakim Says He’s Inspired By JAY-Z, Fat Joe & Remy + Talks Reconnecting With Eric B After 27 Years

The God MC Rakim checked in with Angie Martinez to let us know what we can expect from him at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this weekend when he blesses the stage.

While on the line, he let us know whether or not we can expect new music from him, where his relationship stands today with Eric B + how he is inspired by the likes of JAY-Z, Fat Joe and Remy Ma.

He assures us that we are for sure getting new music from him soon and even goes on to say that he’s doing some things with Eric B as well.

Angie and Rakim also get into the epic moment that was him celebrating his 30 year anniversary of Paid In Full album with a show alongside Eric B earlier this week at the Apollo. About this amazing moment, he says “it was a blessing to be able to celebrate that album…the turnout we have at the Apollo and the energy I didn’t think it was gonna be this turnout.”

On being estranged from Eric for 27 years and finally reconnecting he tells Angie that he “had to realize that the anniversary and the movement was bigger than me and Eric and put the drama to the side. You live, you forgive but you don’t forget…hopefully time will heal all wounds.”

He also touches on JAY-Z mentioning his name during his Twitter rant about all MCs who have inspired him throughout the years and Rakim also give us his thoughts on 4:44.

When asked which MCs still inspire him, he says definitely JAY-Z is one of them and also says he’s inspired by Fat Joe’s ability to stay in the rap game after all these years and Remy Ma being able to make a comeback after spending all those years in prison. “They ain’t even miss a beat, just to see them still in the game validates to stay true to what you do” he says.

Rakim also talks about the death of Prodigy of Mobb Deep he says “they were making New York official, I had big love for him. He was a real cool cat, real down to earth.”

Although he maintains a low profile, Rakim assures Angie that he still stays connected to the culture as sees everything that is going on these days.


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