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T’yanna Wallace On Being B.I.G’s Daughter, Notoriouss Clothing, & Summer Jam Tribute On Ladies First

Brooklyn’s princess T’yanna Wallace is taking her father’s legacy and turning it into her very own empire….Biggie would be so proud.

The Pennsylvania native who moved back to her father’s hometown after graduating from Penn State is not taking what Notorious B.I.G means to BK for granted. In fact, she heard stories about him all her life and realized how important he was to the borough when she decided to uproot her life and move into Bed-Stuy.

T’yanna is using the love and respect people have for her legendary father as inspiration. But, she’s using a different vessel outside of music to declare her pride through Notoriouss. Her clothing line features images of Biggie and lines from his verses like “Moschino hoe, Versace hottie”. With the business bug in her genes (something her dad had too), she’s going to open a flagship store in Brooklyn with hopes of expanding it all the way to the West Coast.

T’yanna is creating a lane for herself but paying homage to her dad every step of the way. Though he passed when she was just a baby, she explains that she feels she knows him very well from all the stories told about him through people like Lil Cease, her mother, Faith Evans, people from the neighborhood and more. While others say she’s a spitting image of her dad.

To us he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time, but to her, he was a great man who loved to laugh and do pranks.

Watch as they talk about B.I.G’s legacy, who he was as a person, her goals, play This or That and you know Jenn had to ask her about this Summer Jam 20 years B.I.G tribute going down this Sunday.

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