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Rhythm Roulette: David Banner

This latest installment of Rhythm Roulette is a special one. Not only did Mass Appeal get to hook up with Mississippi’s own David Banner for a blindfolded spin through Atlanta’s Wax N Facts and follow-up session out at Tree Sound Studios, this episode also documents the making of the first Rhythm Roulette record to ever become an official release. You read that right. After Banner pulled a few GEMS out of the bins—Chicago’s VII, Gladys Knight & the Pips’ About Love and the Meters’ Cabbage Alley—and broke out the sage, we should have known right then and there that Banner was going to cook up some marvelous shit.

Building on the back of Chicago’s ‘Call on Me,’ Banner and crew— former Rhythm Roulette participant Gensu Dean, Burroughs and Tricky LT 45—flipped the soft rock cut’s hook and horn stabs to deliver a smooth new payday anthem full of Southern soul. The resulting track, ‘Paper,’ is out now on Mass Appeal Records and available on iTunes, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

“That is what hip-hop is supposed to be about,” Banner said about the Rhythm Roulette series and the session. “We couldn’t afford a bass player. We couldn’t afford a guitar player. We couldn’t get studio time like that. That’s what sampling was about. Opening up opportunities to people who don’t have them.”

Shout out to David Banner for not only braving the blindfold and accepting the challenge, but for stepping up and delivering in a major way. Watch the session below to hear the finished track and see how ‘Paper’ was made.

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