Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap (Cover & Tracklist)


Fetty Wap recently released his upcoming album cover for his self-titled Fetty Wap LP and now gives us the tracklisting. The album comes with 20 tracks and contributions from his Monty and M80.

You can pre-order it now on iTunes and pick up a copy on September 25th.

1. “Trap Queen”
2. “How We Do Things” [feat. Monty]
3. “679” [feat. Monty]
4. “Jugg” [feat. Monty]
5. “Trap Luv”
6. “I Wonder”
7. “Again”
8. “My Way” [feat. Monty]
9. “Time” [feat. Monty]
10. “Boomin”
11. “RGF Island”
12. “D.A.M.”
13. “No Days Off” [feat. Monty]
14. “I’m Straight”
15. “Couple Bands”
16. “Rock My Chain” [feat. M80]
17. “Rewind” [feat. Monty]

18. “Let It Bang”
19. “For My Team” [feat. Monty]
20. “Whateva” [feat. Monty]

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