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Mixtape: King Louie – Tony


King Louie celebrates Independence Day by dropping off his new mixtape Tony. It comes with 15 tracks and and contributions from Chi Hoover, DJ L, Bobby Johnson, LeekeLeek, BlockOnDaTrakk and more.

Tracklist and download link below.

Download: King Louie – Tony

01. King Louie – B.O.N [Prod. By Jack Flash] (2:59)
02. King Louie – Sheesh (Feat. Chi Hoover) [Prod. By Jay Storm] (3:24)
03. King Louie – Till I Met Selena [Prod. By DJ L] (2:31)
04. King Louie – Difference (Feat. Slitta) [Prod. By Hearon Trackz] (4:12)
05. King Louie – Made [Prod. By Jay Storm] (3:42)
06. King Louie – Day [Prod. By Bobby Johnson] (2:39)
07. King Louie – Michael Jackson Money (Feat. LeekeLeek) [Prod. By LeekeLeek] (3:08)
08. King Louie – G.O.D [Prod. By BlockOnDaTrakk] (3:24)
09. King Louie – Ambitions As A Rider (2:29)
10. King Louie – Live & Die In Chicago [Prod. By Smylez] (3:54)
11. King Louie – Fuck Nigga [Prod. By C-Sick] (2:25)
12. King Louie – God & King (Feat. Chi Hoover) [Prod. By Mr. Incredible] (3:08)
13. King Louie – Why They Hating On Me (3:37)
14. King Louie – Would You Believe It [Prod. By C-Sick] (3:12)
15. King Louie – MF (Feat. Leek) (4:05)

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