Tokyo’s Hotel Emanon Disguises a Café as a Hotel


Any seasoned traveler knows all about the “hotel feeling” – that peculiar mix of luxury, unfamiliarity and shared personal space that makes staying in a hotel unlike anything you can get back home. Hotels across the globe spend millions curating that unique atmosphere, but now there’s a café and restaurant in Tokyo that claims to offer all that, without the hassle of beds or rooms to go with it.

Hotel Emanon is a chic, conceptual dining/retail experience located in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district that comprises a check-in desk, coffee bar, restaurant and shop. The space itself is as tastefully decorated as any of the city’s innumerable design hotels, the only difference being that everything here – from the cups and saucers to the lighting on the walls – is for sale in the “Hotel Shop.” The restaurant, meanwhile, offers a selection of organic, locally-sourced cuisine, with a changing menu on daily rotation to encourage diners to return frequently and discover something new. Likewise, the decoration changes over time too, as items are sold and new designers are brought in to fill the pop-up shop space.

A clever, characteristically Japanese concept, we’re sure you’ll agree. For more details on its location, or how to make a booking, visit the website.

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