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Mixtape: Scotty “FAITH”


Scotty releases his latest mixtape titles #FAITH. Tracklist & download link below.

01. Scotty – Food for Thought [Prod. By Stephon & Dj Burn One] (3:31)
02. Scotty – Clarity (Feat. Ebony Love) [Prod. By Cardo & Dj Burn One] (5:32)
03. Scotty – After Rap [Prod. By Soundz] (3:17)
04. Scotty – Mama Aint Raise No Fool (Feat. Miloh Smith) [Prod. By Stroud] (4:51)
05. Scotty – Ol Skool 84 (Feat. LE$) [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (4:21)
06. Scotty – Erday Feel Like Payday [Prod. By Soundz] (3:45)
07. Scotty – SSDD [Prod. By Dj Burn One & Beanz N Kornbread] (4:56)
08. Scotty – SheOntGiveAF (Feat. The CoolisMac) [Prod. By Stroud] (5:53)
09. Scotty – Conversations On That Brown (Feat. Trinidad James [Prod. By Dj Burn One & Beanz N Kornbread] (3:34)
10. Scotty – My Shoes (Feat. Starlito & Killa Kyleon) [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (4:42)
11. Scotty – All The H03$ (Feat. Curti$ William$) [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (6:19)
12. Scotty – 3 Dayz (Feat. Ebony Love & Jihad) [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (5:13)
13. Scotty – Handle Biz By Scotty [Prod. By Bnice] (3:37)
14. Scotty – GAME (Feat. Trinidad Jame$ & Big K.R.I.T.) [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (5:47)
15. Scotty – GA Dialect (Feat. Couleen Lagon) [Prod. By Dj Burn One & Cy Fyre] (3:49)
16. Scotty – F.A.I.T.H. [Prod. By Dj Burn One] (3:33)
17. Scotty – Fuss And Fight (Feat. Lecrae) [Prod. By Heat Academy] (7:18)

Download #FAITH Here

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