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Hmmm Interesting Debate/Discussion …… #SupportRI? [Video]

A lot of people will watch this & take it the wrong way but that’s on you. Many people have seen me go off on this topic already, I wish I woulda stayed at the studio that night to put in my two cents, but Mitch & 2C said enough! Watch the debate & chime on with your thoughts in the comment section.

Via S4TB

6 thoughts on “Hmmm Interesting Debate/Discussion …… #SupportRI? [Video]”

  1. very interesting discussion! I do agree that #SupportRI came out of nowhere, but that it initially came from a good place. The whole point is to put RI on the map but at the same time I do understand that RI rappers tend to do it for their own sake. Either way, i agree.

    The last main statement was very true about everyone wanting to be a rapper. Truth is.. what is rap nowadays anyway? I get what youre saying but the game is full of bubblegum rappers, corny rappers, and real rappers and they appeal to whoever relates to them.

    I respect the opinion of everyone in this video…Aint no such thing as “hating” if you can voice your opinion respectfully and prove it. With that being said… Rudy we should organize some kind of RI freestyling battle this summer for those who think theyre the best of the best. Lets cut that 900 to at-least half LOL… Lets talk!



  2. Let your work do the talking…. In my opinion I’m dope and I hardly rap, tell me I’m not…. you can’t say niggaz are wack because rapping is a way of expressing self and underestimating anyone would be a tragedy especially in our state… CAM made #supportRI he’s a trendsetter more then I can say about anyone in this video… Take it how you want, but I show love to everyone for their grind alone… – Blake Machado


  3. I don’t no the foundations of hash tag support RI but how I view it is that people only use it wen it benefits them or someone in their circle .. RI is far from unified n look how small we are .. RI HIP HOP is a small thing to a giant juss by a glance at the all around support .



  4. I get it, support RI. Or you can choose to support good music. Make good music and push it and you’ll find ears to listen! Work on getting true followers, get the blogs and make money.


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