Guest Blog: “Don’t Subtweet Me Bro. I’m Serious.” by @iTalk2Slick

Well the homie Wale is back with a new blog this week. All I can say is that this is nothing but the TRUTH. There been one person subtweeting me for the past week, & I still haven’t entertained not ONE tweet but they continue to go on. WHEN WILL IT END?

“Don’t Subtweet Me Bro. I’m Serious.”

If you have more than 50 followers on Twitter, I’m more than certain you know what a subtweet is. It seems now that #AtSignAvoidance is on a steady rise and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but up. If subtweets were a stock, I would be telling y’all to buy. Within the past week I’ve seen more subtweets skate across my TL than I don’t know what. I’ve even had to pull a Mayweather and duck and dodge a few subtweets of my own. The #AtSignAvoidance has gotta stop.

Do you realize how foolish you look subtweeting the same person 6 out of 7 nights of the week with no response??? Seriously. Take a second, sit back and reflect on it. I’ll wait……………… Yes. You look THAT foolish.  All those subtweets are lonely whispers of nothingness. Your subtweets = Bow Wow’s relevance in rap. The thing is that most people on your TL probably know who you’re subtweeting. They’re just sitting back tryna see when you’re gonna stop acting like the cowardly lion, grab your nuts and throw an @ sign in your tweets. We all wait patiently, but it never happens.

Just last week there was a “Twitter beef”. Subliminals were being thrown left and right for the better part of 30 minutes. However, both parties involved were avoiding the @ sign like it was a bill collector. I promise they weren’t even trying to look in the direction of that small insignificant little button. My only question is: Why? If you really have that much of an issue with an individual that you’re willing to flex those tendons in your fingers, why not take the extra effort to @ them??? Moesha little brother got hemmed up in his tight red hoody and still had the balls to call Fabolous out on the radio. Yes. The same nigga who was hitting spin moves in the rain in the “One Wish” video. If he can find the courage to call someone out, you can use an @ sign.

I’ve even seen a third party retweet a subtweet and mention the person who was originally being subtweeted. Do you think that subtweeter changed tactics? Nope. They got the perfect lob pass on the fast break, but wanted nothing to do with it. Just kept merrily subtweeting away without the slightest of cares in the world. That is why I say that subtweeters are the scum of the earth. They refuse to actually get their hands dirty. They’re that person that farts on the elevator full of people and is the first one to accuse someone else of doing it. A subtweeter would steal their own mother’s last $10 right out of her purse without any qualms. I just know they would.

The dumbest thing I have ever seen is the “Subtweet Someone Who Isn’t On Twitter” move. That’s when I gotta pull out the “BBM confused face”. Can you explain to me what exactly is the point of subtweeting someone who doesn’t even have a Twitter app on their phone??? Who has no TL for your tender little jab to scroll down??? Solitary murmurs from the nosebleed sections. Those individuals definitely can’t be trusted. Not even by their own friends. If you subtweet someone who doesn’t have a Twitter, I’m reporting you for spam. Straight up. I’m not giving it any second thoughts.

My point in saying all this is that we’re all adults. If you seriously have an issue with someone address it with that person. Don’t subtweet and then when you’re called out on it hit them with the most common lie: “I was just tweeting. That wasn’t even a subliminal.” Oh… Y’all are the individuals who throw stones then hide in the crowd. We see you. We don’t respect you, but we see you. So chill with the subtweets. You have an @ sign for a reason. Use it.

But that’s all I got for this time. Y’all keep striving for greatness. 

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