Freeway Questions Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z Disses x Beans Disses Jay & T.I. [VIDEO]

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway has weighed in on the current dispute between Beanie Sigeland Jay-Z saying despite the jabs, Beans still has an underlying love for Hov.

According to Freeweezy, both emcees have been through too much together to just resort to a rap beef.

“I’m cool with Jay; I’m cool with Beans,” he explained in an interview. “I felt as though we could have gotten a bigger push for the albums that we dropped [in 2007], but I don’t feel no type of way about it. I’m just working; I’m not sitting around complaining. Beans was on the Roc before me, he was the person that brought me there. Him and Jay had a deeper relationship than I did. Obviously there had to be some kind of buildup, ’cause I know Beans love Jay. I know he do. He got to. All the things they been through together. I mean, I can’t complain about Jay at all. He gave me that first major co-sign. That first co-sign was enough for me. I don’t got nothing bad to say about him.” (New York Magazine)

At a Philadelphia concert last weekend, Beans took to once again dissing Hov publicly.

“You supposed to pass that Roc when that ball got heavy,” Sigel raps, “Instead you gettin’ picked at half court already — He 45 and playing for the Wizards already — I’m a nightmare, show up in your dreams like Freddy/Sigel, Desert Eagle Arc heavy, already, n*ggas is running scared already/Memph Bleek peed the sheets leave the bed all wetty/Ugh, let’s get it on already — Jeezy blew, everybody trappin’ now/I got caught with a gat, they tried to roof a n*gga, offered me 30 flat, for shootin’ a n*gga, but shorty got caught with some hardware and he home already/Something wrong there, if I don’t see it, I don’t say it/That’s how I play it, I’m just saying what they saying but they scared to say it…” (Mike Tramp TV)

Freeway previously addressed the dispute on his song, “Love is a Battlefield.”

“I learned when you in t, you should try to get your cake up,” Freeway raps. “Half these rap n*ggas girls, without the dresses and the make-up/I was in the hood stressin’ with the woes/While my n*gga Beans was doing a year in the wake-up/Everyday I wake up, shootin’, robbin’…And I ain’t sayin’ n*ggas left us in the hood, but we ate our little food, did the dishes, cleaned the plates up/You was eating steak while we was eating Steak Ums/But I never complained, dapped you up and tipped the waiter/Then I, took the Roc, posted up, made a shot/If things ever got hot, worry not, he had the banger on him/Yup, Philly n*ggas live the code…If I can’t get the president on the phone, I’m fine, ’cause I got the evidence, the plaques at my home…” (“Love Is a Battlefield”)

Last year, Sigel suggested Hov had plans to link with Nas for an “Empire State of Mind” remix diss track.

“I’m nice at chess too,” Sigel told radio personality DJ On & On. “They say he got a record supposed to come out, the remix to the New York sh*t, he’s poppin’ shots at me, poppin’ shots at 50 [Cent] but he pulled Nas on the record hoping that a n*gga will respond to it and come at Nas and Nas is gonna come right back, he ain’t gonna hold no punches, he’s gonna come right back. He should come right back but look at the moves. I see that. I’m not worried about Nas, I did that already. I did that already. In defense of him I did that already. I was there when dude was in the studio on the couch scratching his head under pressure.” (Jump The Turn Style


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