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iPhone 5 Unboxing [Video]

The first videos of the iPhone 5 being unboxed have surfaced online, notes MacRumors. You may also want to check out the iPhone 5 reviews that went live yesterday evening. 

Note: That’s an international plug. The plug for US, North America will still be the same.

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Infographic: iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The iPhone 5 was announced last week, aside from a new design, the phone is full of new features as well. Some might have been disappointed, when comparing the iPhone 5 to the 4S and some also mentioned concern that Apple was playing catch-up to their competition with the release. Since the iPhone 5 releases this Friday, the below infographic gives a great overview of how the smartphone compares to the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You can check out Samsung’s latest ad for their phone below as well. Which one would you choose? Continue reading

Leaked Photos Show Final Design of the iPhone 5?

Leaked photos have surfaced online which claim to show the final design of the iPhone 5.

The photos were posted to it168.com and reposted by Nowhereelse.fr. The site notes that there is a tiny white border around the glass separating it from the metal frame. In previously leaked photos there was a visible gap between the glass and the frame leading the site to conclude that the border may be there to minimize damage to the screen in case of impact.

Check out iClarified.com at 1:00 pm EST to find out if they are real and learn what’s new!

Check out the photos below… Continue reading

Concept Video Beautifully Summarizes Expected Features of the New iPhone 5 [Video]

The phone is drawn as accurately as possible, based on leaked dimensions. Some features such as the new dock connector and larger screen size are almost definitely likely to appear in the new iPhone 5. Other features are included only for concept purposes, such as ‘Fingerprint Scan to Unlock’.

Everything has been drawn and animated from scratch; from the icons, to the user interfaces and of course the hardware itself. I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 5 tomorrow.

Leaked Photos of Fully Assembled ‘iPhone 5′?


iLab has posted some photos which look to be a fully assembled ‘iPhone 5′ put together using replacement parts it managed to obtain.

Take a look at some of the photos below and hit the link for more. Continue reading

Photos: Alleged ‘iPhone 5′ Test Samples Leaked?

Kitguru has posted images of what it claims are pre-release test samples of the ‘iPhone 5′.

As our regular readers know, KitGuru has operatives across the globe. Out in the Far East, an early iPhone 5 has been spotted and – using the very latest techniques – we have managed to capture its reflected photons.

Edit: This is a pre-release test sample so its safe to say it will be ‘cleaned up’ for the retail release.

Although these images do match recent leaks they don’t come across as authentic.

Read More

Spotted at iClarified

Continue reading

Photos: 3D Renders of the ‘iPhone 5′ in White

If the new iPhone 2012 looks beautiful in black—in all its 80s Sony-ish glory—the renderings of the white model are even prettier. The aluminum and chrome unibody with the white accents looks just gorgeous.

Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek sent us these images of the white model, which he rendered using allegedly leaked photos of parts as a reference. I love that he even added fingerprints to the aluminum back.

Click on the images below to see in full.

via GIZMODO Continue reading

Apple Unveils iOS 6

Apple announced iOS 6 earlier at WWDC 2012, the most recent update to its renowned operating system. The team at Cupertino has reportedly made around 200 changes including alterations to the way Siri functions with the phone. Not only did she get smarter in terms of restaurant, sports and movie times, but Siri is also set to be introduced to the iPad. Furthermore, an integration of Facebook into the operating system itself will be seen as with Twitter for iOS 5. A new “Do Not Disturb” setting has been added also, as well as the ability to send pre-made text messages and set location-based reminder notifications. Modifications to FaceTime were also made; cellular networks will now be able to support the function. Some details are offered below: Continue reading

Marc by Marc Jacobs x Incase Snap Cases for iPhone 4S

Introduced yesterday by Incase is a special set of cases produced in conjunction with Marc by Marc Jacobs. Featuring the brand’s signature Snap Case, the collection sees the plastic iPhone 4S protection decorated in four different Marc by Marc Jacobs all-over prints, each style available in an array of colorways. Retailing for $40 USD each, the hardshell cases are available exclusively at Apple’s own flagship stores and will be available through the Apple online store come June 12.


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