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Video: Every Color of the iPhone 5C?


Check out this video that shows the unboxing of part components for the rumored iPhone 5C.

According to Sonny Dickson, who has been the source of several past leaks, these will be the only colors of the iPhone 5C.

Dickson also says that reports of a black iPhone 5C are completely false. Continue reading

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Apple Officially Unveils iOS 7


Apple today unveiled iOS 7, the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone, featuring a new skinny and flat user interface. 

iOS 7 is completely redesigned with subtle motion, an elegant color palette and distinct, functional layers that make it feel more alive. The typography has been refined for a cleaner, simpler look, and the use of translucency and motion makes even simple tasks more engaging. iOS 7 has hundreds of great new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri and introduces iTunes Radio, a free Internet radio service based on the music you listen to on iTunes. Continue reading

The iPhone 5S To Arrive In June In 6-8 Colors With NFC & ‘Super HD’ Camera


The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been out for 3 months yet & now we’re hearing that the 5S is in the works.

First rumors have come out this week. Apparently the new smartphone will already arrive June 2013, just 9 months after the release of the iPhone 5. Also it is expected to come with NFC connectivity and a “super HD” camera. Also analysts are speculating that the iPhone 5S will actually come in 6-8 colors, which would be a first for the phone, which until now only came in two colors.

Only time will tell which one of the rumors becomes reality and we will of course keep you posted.

Gold & Co. Introduces 24 Karat Gold & Rose Gold iPhone 5′s

Gold & Co. introduces the first 24-Karat gold plated iPhone 5′s. The black iPhone 5 comes with gold plating and the white version comes with rose gold plating. The phone will reportedly cost $4,380 USD when it drops in the upcoming weeks. Continue reading

Here is What The iPad Mini Will Probably Look Like

Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek has rendered these images based on the information that has been previously released. It’s all speculation, not the real thing but he could be on to something. Check out the images below. Continue reading

iPhone 5 Unboxing [Video]

The first videos of the iPhone 5 being unboxed have surfaced online, notes MacRumors. You may also want to check out the iPhone 5 reviews that went live yesterday evening. 

Note: That’s an international plug. The plug for US, North America will still be the same.

Infographic: iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The iPhone 5 was announced last week, aside from a new design, the phone is full of new features as well. Some might have been disappointed, when comparing the iPhone 5 to the 4S and some also mentioned concern that Apple was playing catch-up to their competition with the release. Since the iPhone 5 releases this Friday, the below infographic gives a great overview of how the smartphone compares to the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You can check out Samsung’s latest ad for their phone below as well. Which one would you choose? Continue reading

Leaked Photos Show Final Design of the iPhone 5?

Leaked photos have surfaced online which claim to show the final design of the iPhone 5.

The photos were posted to it168.com and reposted by Nowhereelse.fr. The site notes that there is a tiny white border around the glass separating it from the metal frame. In previously leaked photos there was a visible gap between the glass and the frame leading the site to conclude that the border may be there to minimize damage to the screen in case of impact.

Check out iClarified.com at 1:00 pm EST to find out if they are real and learn what’s new!

Check out the photos below… Continue reading

Concept Video Beautifully Summarizes Expected Features of the New iPhone 5 [Video]

The phone is drawn as accurately as possible, based on leaked dimensions. Some features such as the new dock connector and larger screen size are almost definitely likely to appear in the new iPhone 5. Other features are included only for concept purposes, such as ‘Fingerprint Scan to Unlock’.

Everything has been drawn and animated from scratch; from the icons, to the user interfaces and of course the hardware itself. I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 5 tomorrow.


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