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Video: Theophilus Martins – TOFU: Episode 5 (ATLiens)

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.00.50 AM

In Episode 5 of Theo’s ‘TOFU’ series, he makes a stop in ATL while on tour working with GoDreamer of Hollyweerd (Taylor Gang, Tuki Carter, OutKast). Continue reading

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Video: Omarion “Sex Playlist Series” (Part 1)


Gearing up for the release of his new album Sex Playlist, Maybach O has decided to start a new series in support of the album that dawns the same title as the upcoming project. In part one, we see a young lady getting ready for what we assume to be a night out on the town with her girlfriends as Omarion’s currently unreleased single ‘Already’ plays in the background, before ending with a to be continued credit. Stay tuned for part two to release soon. Continue reading

Video: Breeze Mantana “American Greed” Tour Vlog

Breeze Mantana Jumping Off The “American Greed” Mini Tour Live @ The Pyramid Club 10/24 In LES Performing ‘#DopeWork’ & ‘Married 2 The Money’.

Previously: Breeze Mantana, Michael Merlot & Shorts – No Gimmicks


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