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Apple iWatch to Arrive as Early as Summer 2014


The latest rumors regarding Apple’s long-awaited iWatch point to a release as early as Summer 2014. Supposedly set to debut sometime after the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, initial production reports point to 65 million units at launch. A report from the Economic Daily News claims the device will boast custom A-series chips designed by Apple specifically for the iWatch, with manufacturing handled by Samsung. The report also points to a display made of sapphire glass, the same material used on the TouchID home button of the iPhone 5s. Like early rumors, the latest report also points to the iWatch playing a more biometric role with advanced sensors capable of detecting a user’s heart rate, blood pressure and more.

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Video: Introducing the iPhone 6C

The video, despite its poor English, is of impressive quality mimicking the elements of Apple’s ‘Plastic Perfected’ ad and product introduction videos. SET Solution has posted an introductory video for their iPhone 6C concept. Continue reading

Video: iPhone 6 Concept Features Three-Sided Display


Iskander Utebayev has posted a new concept for the iPhone 6 featuring a three-sided display.

The concept puts quick launch icons on the side display along with controls for the music player.

Continue reading

A First Look at the Google Nexus 5


Although leaks have been surfacing for some time now of Google’s upcoming Nexus 5, last night’s leak on the Google Play Store provides the best image yet of what consumers can expect. Accompanying the 16GB smartphone was the text “Starting at $349.” The Nexus 5 is expected to have a vastly improved camera, in addition to a 1080p 4.95-inch display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, LTE, and storage capacity that tops out at 32GB. No word yet on any official release date but early reports suggest it will ship around the 28th with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Amazon Introduces the Kindle Fire HDX


Amazon is putting up some serious competition against its fellow tablet producers. The new Kindle Fire HDX is the latest addition to their Fire line and this version is powered by the latest 2.2-GHz Quadcore Snapdragon 800 processors, 2GBs of RAM, Adreno 330 graphics, 11 – 12 hours of battery life, 1900 x 1200 resolution in the 7″/2560 x 1600 resolution display in the 8.9″, and optional 4G LTE connectivity. The seven-inch Kindle Fire HDX will be priced at $229 USD and will begin shipping on October 18, while the 4G-enabled version will be available on November 14 for $329 USD. All models are available for pre-order today straight from the source.

Apple Officially Unveils the ‘iPhone 5c’ In Five New Colors


As expected, Apple has introduced the iPhone 5c — the most colorful iPhone yet. Coming in five new colors, the iPhone 5c features an all new design and is available in blue, green, pink, yellow and white. Continue reading

Apple Officially Unveils the ‘iPhone 5s’ With Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner


Apple today announced iPhone 5s featuring an all-new 64-bit A7 chip, a new 8 megapixel iSight camera with True Tone flash, and Touch ID, an innovative way to simply and securely unlock your phone with just the touch of a finger. iPhone 5s comes with iOS 7, the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone, engineered for 64-bit technology and featuring hundreds of great new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri and iTunes Radio. Continue reading

Video: Every Color of the iPhone 5C?


Check out this video that shows the unboxing of part components for the rumored iPhone 5C.

According to Sonny Dickson, who has been the source of several past leaks, these will be the only colors of the iPhone 5C.

Dickson also says that reports of a black iPhone 5C are completely false. Continue reading

Video: PlayStation Access “Hands On With The PlayStation 4”


United Kingdom’s “PlayStation Access” team has granted us a first access look at the upcoming PS4 console. While we’ve seen its official unveiling last month at e3 including the unboxing a few weeks ago, we take a look at everything up close in action from the console itself, to the dual shock 4 and even the official camera. The camera (or “Sony Kinect”) is finally detailed up close which includes 4 microphones for enhanced sound and 3D capabilities. We’ve also included a bonus video for a look at the PlayStation 4 to see how it compares to PlayStation 3 in size, which you can see firsthand. Hit the jump to see Sony’s newest gaming console up close. Continue reading


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