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Video: Mack Wilds ft. Mobb Deep x French Montana x Busta Rhymes “Henny (Remix)”

Mack Wilds drops the official video for the remix to his banger ‘Henny’. He brings Mobb Deep, Montana & Busta along for the visual.

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Video: Dutch ReBelle “Yen”

On “YEN”, Dutch ReBelle flows over the Latrell James production and documents her own dealings with fans and recognition, while trying to get her personal life together, and desiring to experience life through more than just the U.S. Dollar. Why settle for one type of currency when there are over 180 being circulated globally?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the Balmain in the beach
house life, but the struggle makes the success so much
sweeter when you’re out to earn your keep.” – Dutch

The video was shot and edited by Goodwin, and it accentuates Dutch ReBelle’s essence as one of hip-hop’s most intact female emcees.

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