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Casio G-Shock “Metallic Colors” DW-6900 Collection

For the month of February, Casio G-Shock unveil their latest collection dubbed “Metallic Colors”. The defining aspect of each watch is a subtle metallic finish which is applied through some bold monochromatic colors. Four colors include neon green and purple while black and white occupy the simpler side of the color spectrum. The collection will be available starting next month at various Casio G-Shock stockists.

Rick Ross, Diddy Blow $1 Million in King of Diamonds [Video]

Go inside King of Diamonds with the Bawse, Diddy, Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, Red Cafe, Ace Hood and his other celeb friends who made it rain in excess of $1 million, leading for the Brinks truck to be called out to the gentleman’s club.

Turn Your iPhone 4 Transparent

When you replaced the old iPhone 3G cover with a transparent case, it revealed a fugly side. But with the iPhone 4, the inner workings and hidden guts are surprisingly good lookin’. Here’s how to turn your iPhone 4 transparent.<!–more–>

The mod was simply done by taking the glass panels off the phone and applying paint thinner to remove the paint. That’s all. What you’re left with are two clear panes that reveal the innards of the phone. Niiiice. Spotted at Gizmodo.


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